Menu Lotus Bistro at the Cineplex Kino - Asia Snack with delivery service in Hamm.

The menu includes a variety of Asian dishes. The Asian food was tastefully and deliciously prepared. The delivery service closes half an hour before the store in the Cineplex.

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Tel. No. Delivery Service: 0 2381 - 436 24 51

Open every day!


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Delicious Asian specialities can be sampled at lotus bistro.

The traditional duck dishes have a long tradtion in Asia and are excellently prepared at the Lotus.

The hoisin sauce is prepared as original as in the home country and just tastes great.

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Lotusblüte, Wasserlilie. Bestellen SIe beim Lotus Bistro mit leckeren asiatischen Essen und Lieferservice für Hamm.